The Heart of a Champion

ImageSteve May tells this story:
“Former Boston Red Sox’s first baseman Wade Boggs used to hate to go to Yankee Stadium. Not because of the Yankees – they never gave him that much trouble – but because of a fan. The guy had a box seat close to the field and when the Red Sox were in town, he would torment Boggs by shouting obscenities and insults. One day before the game, as Boggs was warming up, the fan began his typical routine, yelling, “Boggs you stink!” and variations on that theme. Boggs decided he had had enough. He walked directly over to the man who was sitting in the stands with his friends, and said, “Hey, fella, are you the guy who is always yelling at me?” The man said, “Yeah, it’s me. What are you gonna do about it?” Wade took a new baseball out of his pocket, autographed it, tossed it to the man, and went back to the field to continue his pre-game routine. The man never yelled at Boggs again: in fact, he became one of Wade’s biggest fans at Yankee Stadium.”
Ebert Hubbard, an American writer early in the twentieth century, once wrote, “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure contentious treatment without resentment.”
Paul’s words to the Philippians comes to mind:
“I once thought all these things were so very important, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I might have Christ and become one with him.”
When our deliberate choice goes against our fleshly tendencies, it is because we have put on the mind of our Teacher, Lord and Saviour. We have embraced what He wants. The spiritual realigning brings unexplainable satisfaction. And God smiles because He sees someone who has the heart of a true champion.
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